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"Amanda Sellars, the Physician Assistant to Dr. Linda Stevens, introduced our family to Stevens Family Chiropractic. Our family was desperate for alternative solutions for our daughter’s asthma. For multiple years our daughter has been seeing a pulmonary specialist for her asthma episodes to no avail.

She has unfortunately had to visit the emergency room on several occasions even though she was on an inhaler, breathing treatments, a nose spray, montelukast and vitamin supplements. Her asthma episodes would last anywhere from 4 to 5 days. During her asthma episodes she would completely lose her appetite, become lethargic, have a slight fever, and vomit phlegm for multiple days. On October 17th we had our first consultation with Amanda. Amanda was wonderful and explained things in layman’s terms.

After our initial consultation my husband and I decided to move forward with chiropractic care for our daughter and we are so very grateful that we did. In order to get a better baseline as to what’s been occurring inside our little one we started off by testing our daughter for Basic MethylDetox (Genetic Only). -MTHFR -MTR -COMT.

On November 3rd our six-year-old daughter had her very first adjustment. When we left her first adjustment she just kept commenting on how much better her neck and back felt. We have since continued adjustments every other week. On November 10th we received our daughter’s genetic test results and started her new recommended supplements right away. Late evening on December 10th our daughter started to have an asthma episode but we were absolutely shocked as her ‘normal’ vomiting of phlegm did not occur and she solely lost her appetite for one day. By the afternoon of December 12th she was back to her normal self. This was a miracle in our eyes as this was the first time in her asthma history that she was not lethargic or vomiting for days."

We highly recommend Stevens Family Chiropractic!
-T. Conway, December 2017

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