Amanda - CCPA, CFMP 
She has been with Stevens Family Chiropractic for 10 years , and over 10 years in chiropractic. Amanda is the Physician Assistant to Dr. Linda Stevens. Her responsibilities in the office include all new patient exams, nutrition and homeopathy consultations, food allergy testing, functional/ integrative medicine consultations, therapy/rehab on patients, genetic mutation services, pregnancy/infertility, pediatric wellness exams, sports physicals, and many other services. She enjoys time with her family outside of work.

At Stevens Family Chiropractic, all of our professionals are fully trained and experienced to provide you with the best chiropractic care. We want you to trust that you are getting the highest quality care each time you come to see us. But we're also people just like you - we have families and pets, we're parents and grandparents, we participate in sports activities and try to stay current with the news. We combine our expertise and professionalism with a personal, responsive and caring attitude to make you as comfortable as possible with our practice - whether you're sick or well.

Kelly D.
Massage Therapist

Susan - Front Desk Receptionist 
She is the smiling voice behind the phones when patients call to schedule appointments and the smiling face you see when checking in or out of our office. She is always ready to answer any questions and assist in providing a pleasant chiropractic experience for each patient. Susan has been in the medical field for over 20 years and has a daughter who she enjoys spending time with outside of work. Susan is currently in school to become a nurse.

Dr. John H. Kellenberger, Sr
I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1958. In 1959 I went into the U.S Army reserves and was honorably discharged after 7 years. I was the Chief X-ray technician of Delnor Hospital in St. Charles, Illinois from 1959 to 1963

I graduated from National University of Health Sciences in 1966. I also worked for Paul Jordan, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon as an X-ray technician during my college years. After graduating from Chiropractic College I became a teaching member of the Department of Roentgenology at National University of Health Sciences.

From 1966 – 2002 I had my private and clinic practice of Chiropractic in Elgin, South Elgin, Illinois and in Fort Myers, Fl.

​I have been semi retired since 2002. Dr. Linda Stevens bought my practice in 2002. I still see patients on a part-time basis at the Stevens Family Chiropractic, in Fort Myers, Florida

Continuing Education: Certified in Acupuncture, Gonstead Chiropractic Technique, and Manipulation under Anesthesia, MRI, Diversified Technique, Activator, Cox Technique, Vax-D, & 2-lowback seminars @Harvard Medical School. I am a Former Board Member of the Boy Scouts of America, Jaycees, Kiwanis and a former member of the Board of Education (U-46) in Elgin, IL..

Since semi-retiring I have been photographing wildlife throughout the US & Canada.  Family time is even more meaningful with my wife, 3 children and our grandchildren.

Dr. Brian Malloy 
As a board certified Chiropractic Physician, I look forward to providing you the solution to your minor and major aches and pains. With my history of military service, strength and conditioning and competitive athletics, there are very few injuries I have not either had myself, managed as a trainer or treated as a doctor. As I put myself through my own bumps and bruises, Chiropractic was always my gateway to wellness and I look forward to bringing you the same quality of care I was given and getting you back to full swing as soon as possible.

As a student at New York Chiropractic College, I geared my electives to further enhance my understanding of nutrition, diabetes, Gonstead technique, COX flexion/distraction and Thompson Drop technique. In my final year, I was the only student in my class awarded an honors internship position at the Veterans Hospital in Miami, FL. During this internship, I had the honor to treat my brothers and sisters in arms while gaining the confidence to manage complex cases through the use of advanced diagnostic skills acquired through clinical experience.

​Prior to NYCC, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and completed my Bachelors in Exercise Science from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. In the year leading up to NYCC, I worked as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist in the Philadelphia area, coaching athletes of all levels sport specific exercises and movement patterns to stay a step ahead of their competition.

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Kelly B.
Massage Therapist
​She is one of the licensed massage therapists here in our office.  Kelly graduated from a local massage school in Fort Myers and has been a licensed massage therapist for 9 years. She has traveled throughout the country excelling at her craft; specializing in therapeutic neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue therapy as well as relaxation massage. Kelly always has new techniques up her sleeve. She loves what she does! When Kelly is not working she loves spending time with her dog, family and friends.

Meet Our Doctors

Sheila - Practice Manager/Esthetician
She has been in the medical field for over 24 years with chiropractic being 14 of those years. She compiles and submits claims to insurance companies and then subsequently bills patients. We greatly appreciate her patience and sweet spirit when dealing with sometimes rather difficult claims inquiries. Sheila is also is our fabulous esthetician who's been doing it since 1985. She sells a great skin care line here in our office for all skin types and ages! She also helps with therapies in the office when needed. Sheila enjoys time with her family outside of work. 

Certified Medical Electrologist/
Licensed Medical Esthetician/ Medical Laser Specialist

She is one of our Certified laser hair removal technicians and anti-aging skin tightening specialists.

With over 25 years in the skincare field as a Licensed Medical Esthetician with multiple certifications and continued advanced education, she also provides our practice the latest technology for exceptional skin improvements.  Our patients can take advantage of several progressive options to include but not limited to, micro-needling (build collagen, revise scarring, reduce pore size) medical-grade peels, (improve skins clarity, reduce sun-damage, tone, brighten) dermaplaning, (exfoliation, remove the lighter finer hair on the face). She offers personalized complimentary consultations to achieve maximum results as a trained professional that puts her patients goals first.

Katrina's passion is to deliver the best possible results with the most focused treatment options to achieve patient overall well being and satisfaction.
When Katrina isn't busy working she loves to jump on a plane with her family and explore new places

Dr. Linda Stevens, CFMP 
I attended the University of South Florida and graduated with a BA in Biology. In March 2000, I graduated Suma Cum Laude from the Life University of Chiropractic with my focus on the Gonstead technique, nutrition, and rehab.

Since graduating I have completed certifications in acupuncture, homeopathy, whiplash & brain injury traumatology, and manipulation under anesthesia. I continue on the path of learning and take courses throughout the year.I have owned and operated Stevens Family Chiropractic since 2000 with locations in Ft. Myers and Sanibel. My goal is to help my patients live a pain free and healthy life. This includes newborns to seniors.

Away from the office I enjoy spending time with my two sons and husband. I am a sports enthusiast and have completed a marathon and multiple half marathons, as well as being former lightweight body building champion. I workout daily and its one of my greatest passions. Participating in my community is also of great importance.

Florida Chiropractic Association
American Chiropractic Association
Gonstead Clinical Studies Society
Gonstead Chiropraction Society

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